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Keeping Guests satisfied with Exceptional Service is key to retaining their business. Instant Communication is needed between Departments whether a guest is asking for more towels, in need of Medical Assistance,  or wants to extend their stay at the Resort. Staff need to keep track of their Supplies, and ensure Safety across the site. 

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The Hospitality Industry is an Increasingly Competitive Market for all Businesses Involved

Whether in the Hotel, Casino, Resort, Club or Restaurant Sector, there is increased pressure to provide the highest levels of Customer delight to win Invaluable word of mouth endorsement. Professional operators in these sectors have quickly realized how Two-Way Radios help in providing Instant Customer Service and the effective Management of Employees across different Departments including; Security, Safety, Front of House, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Banqueting, Kitchens, Restaurants, Shops and Car Parks.

We provide Analogue and Digital Two-Way Radios and Systems for use at some of the largest and most Exclusive Hotels, Resorts and Casinos in the world, where Two-Way Radio Communication keeps guests feeling Safe and Significantly enhances Operational Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction. For example, Front of House can make sure that Housekeeping is able to prioritize which rooms are prepared first and in turn, Housekeeping can contact Laundry and Stores for additional Linen, Guests’ Amenity Kits and so on.


The same would apply to Security and Safety within the building and it's Grounds, especially in the event of a Security Breach or in an Emergency situation where the safe and fast movement of large numbers of people will need to be managed.

Smaller Hotels with small numbers of staff are likely to use Licensed or License-Free Hand-Portable, Walkie Talkie Radios, while larger establishments such as Resorts will probably employ a Trunked Digital Voice and Data Communications System with a Separate Channel for each Department.

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