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The Vertex Standard eVerge EVX-5400 Digital Mobile Two Way Radio gets you up to speed on the digital highway at your pace! This radio operates in both analog and digital modes for compatibility with your existing analog radios while you make the transition to digital at your discretion. The EVX-5400 has mixed analog and digital scan so you can communicate in digital mode while you scan for analog communcations, allowing you to connect with all the radios in your fleet. 

The EVX 5400 is available in your choice of VHF or UHF. It has 512 channels and 32 groups. It features six programmable keys, an 8-character alpha numeric display, programmable tri-color LED, DTMF Speed Dial, DTMF paging and Auto Range Transponder System (ARTS II). It also includes an RSSI indicator, direct channel entry, voice compander, remote stun/kill/revive, 2-Tone and 5-Tone encode/decode, radio-to-radio cloning, and public address/horn alert. 

The EVX-5400 has even more features when used in Digital Mode, such as individual call, remote monitor, PTT ID encode/decode and mixed mode scan. The EVX-5400 also feautures Escalert, a special alert that activates and increases in volume if the radio receives a call or text and the user does not respond. 

The Vertex EVX-5400 radio is fully compatible with the popular Motorola TRBO series of digital radios using standard encryption. Currently using Motorola TRBO? Switch to the Vertex EVX-5400 and save! 

Vertex EVX-5400

Digital Mobile Two Way Radio

MH-67A8J Microphone

Mounting Bracket

Power Cable

Owners Manual

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