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However construction sites pose many challenges to two-way radio communications, including signal coverage, ground to crane operator communications and linking numerous trades, subcontractors and security staff in user groups to each other and central management within a network.


There is also the requirement for reliable, clear and instant communication in extremely noisy, dusty environments, within buildings and in open space whatever the weather, and of course for communications devices to be easy to use, durable and rugged.

Communication specialists Contracting, Inc has been supplying two-way radio systems to the construction industry for many years with equipment proven in use around the world.


Two way radios are broadly used within the construction industry to help the site managers to coordinate their workforce more effectively. Two way radios deliver crucial messages instantly, are robust and are one of the crucial safety tools on construction sites.

Two way radios are perfect for construction sites as they are tough and durable. Many of the two way radios now offer ingress protection rating of 67 what means they are dust and waterproof – making them an excellent tool for working outside in harsh weather conditions or dusty places.

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