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Our rental radios, rates, and terms match every venue, need, and budget, you never have to worry whether or not you can get radios affordably and on time. Hire reliable, rugged Motorola, Icom & Hytera two-way radios for crystal clear communication across your event personnel and site. Communication Specialists Contracting, Inc hires UHF/VHF conventional and trunked radios anywhere in the United States.  


All our radios are provided with a full operating license and are ready to go. Our two-way radio rental team will match the right radio to your event or situation. It may mean spending five minutes discussing usage and needs, or it may require a site visit to determine the best, most cost-effective system.

Need Two Way Radio Hire Today? 

We offer two-way radio rentals at competitive daily, weekly, and monthly rates. Need them immediately? We can ship direct and we offer local delivery.

24/7/365 customer service 

Licensed frequencies or matched to your own radio 

Event staffing 

Multi-year agreements with customer incentives 

Special event frequency coordination 

On-site inventory management to get the right radio to you on time as promised 

Our Two-way radio rental is the perfect communication solution for: 

Security solutions 

Trade shows 

Village Festivals 

Special events 

Volunteer workers 

Manufacturing plants 

Construction sites 

Emergency situations

Contact Us on Tel:903-306-2590

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