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You’ve put a lot of time and careful thought into selecting your radios and two-way system, and now you want to maximize your investment with a professional installation that will enable your radios to perform as expected. Communication Specialist Contracting Inc Communications’ Installation Services are provided by our own staff of professionally trained Installation Specialists. So whether you need a single mobile radio installed, or a complete communications system for a Command Vehicle, you’ll be pleased with the extraordinary craftsmanship and functionality of our work.

Communication Specialist Contracting Inc installs our products into a full range of vehicles, from heavy-duty trucks, police motorcycles, fire engines, and command units, to hybrid cars, golf carts, air boats, and trailers. Our specialists are second to none at completely outfitting police motorbikes, and fire engine intercom systems. We have an installation bay that can accommodate any type of vehicle, and we provide full field installation services, too. You can be confident Communication Specialist Contracting Inc has installation experience with your type of vehicle, and knows how to get the best performance out of your radio.

Communication Specialist Contracting Inc is proud of our team of Installation Specialists – they have over 15 years of combined experience, and have been trained extensively in the specific products and services that we supply. Each technician possesses excellent mechanical and electrical aptitude, plus an innate understanding of the motor vehicle systems and building layouts into which we install our range of products. Every Installation Specialist takes great pride in his craftsmanship and attention to detail, and adheres to a company-wide standard of excellence. Our customers are impressed with the quality of our installations, and thrilled that their new products work just as they expected, or better. You’ll be delighted by our professionalism and care. We also install complete fixed system infrastructures, including rack mount repeater systems with backup power systems, and rooftop or tower mounted antenna systems. Learn more about our Radio Systems Design or Project Management Technical Services, or contact us today to discuss your special project.We constantly exceed all expectations.

We provide:

  • Dash mount or trunk mount radio installation

  • Antenna Installation

  • Speakers, converters, flashing lights, switches

  • Base stations and repeaters

  • Tower site system installations

  • BDA (Bi-directional amplifiers)

  • RF repeater design and installation

  • Complete site modifications / relocations

  • Testing, alignment and optimization of equipment

  • DC cabling and grounding

  • Backup battery systems

  • Controller and rack upgrades

  • Point-to-Point & Multipoint microwave radio installation and optimization

Contact Us on Tel:903-306-2590

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