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Two way radios are also a great tool to enhance safety and security in your premises. In cases of shoplifting, antisocial behaviour or even a robbery, two way radios can alarm the security teams.

In the busy retail environment you need strong and reliable communications and also a product which can guarantee that you can hear over the hustle and bustle of your busy shop floor. This is what we guarantee to offer you with our bespoke two way radio systems.

Benefits of two way radios for retailers:

  • Effective communication across shop floor, warehouses, stock rooms

  • Better shopping experience & reduced customers’ waiting time

  • Enhanced safety & security

  • Reduced stock losses

  • Cost effective, durable, and reliable communication

  • Large variety of radio models & accessories available

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For many years, two-way radios have been proving their worth in a variety of retail environments, allowing store management, retail staff, stock controllers and security teams to communicate discretely and effectively with the aim of reducing stock loss, improving productivity and delivering better customer service.

Crime reduction, health and safety, disruption to business, protecting staff and shoppers from volatile situations are some of the issues faced by retail business large and small, but as the footprint of retail outlets has grown, so too have the requirements from two-way radio communications. The largest shopping centres can cover vast areas and several storeys, with tens of thousands of customers visiting the shops, cinemas and restaurants, all expecting a safe and vibrant environment free from the threat of crime and anti-social behavior. These demands bring new challenges to retail and shopping centre management, not least the co-ordination of health, safety and security.

We have been providing digital and analogue radio systems and equipment for retail operations for many years in applications as diverse as high-end boutiques to the largest supermarkets and shopping centres.

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