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RF propagation is transmission of radio signals from a transmitter to a receiver. Propagation of RF signals depends on the radio frequency, geographic terrain, foliage, buildings, and varying weather conditions. Radio network designers predict RF coverage based on a set of system requirements that include proposed site locations, antennas, radiating power and various other parameters. Such a prediction is crucial to determine whether intended service objectives can be met.​

Two way radio communications systems are a major investment for business and industrial users. For Government and Public Safety, proper system design can be a matter of life and death. We have technical expertise, to provide customers with accurate system design. Communication Specialists Contracting can provide in-house propagation studies, and drive around propagation analysis.

Our coverage maps are extremely valuable in comparing the differences in RF coverage between site. This provides our customers the knowledge of what they can expect for system coverage from any given site.


With coverage maps available, our customers are able to make better decisions about their communications system design and configuration.  The ability to use RF coverage maps to design your systems can save you money and time in developing your critical communication systems.

All radio coverage is based on probability theory. Radio coverage at a specific location from a distant transmitter can be specified for a 50%, 90% or higher probability of successful communication. Radio coverage cannot be guaranteed 100% of the time.

Radio coverage is affected by weather and atmospheric conditions on a continual basis. Rain or snow can affect higher frequency. Temperature inversions can affect VHF and UHF and cause reflections that either increase or decrease signal level at a distant site.

Because of these variables, we rely on a parameter called “Fade Margin”. Fade margin is the safety factor used to determine the level of probability of successful radio communication. The Fade margin is the additional signal, above a receiver threshold, that is not necessary for communication, however, is necessary for reliability prediction.

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