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school bus and teacher talking on walkie talkie

Two-Way Radios are a great source of Communication for the Education Industry. They provide an Instant Connection and Immediately Deliver Crucial Information that needs to be passed between Staff or Students. Another Main Reason for their Popularity is that they are Tough and Durable so they can survive an action packed day in or outside of the Classroom. On the current wide market, there is a Model to suit any Budget and Requirement for any Nursery, School, College, and University.

More and more Schools, Colleges and Universities are turning to Two-Way Radios to protect their Institutions against potential threats outside and also inside the classroom walls. It is a simple form of Communication and is accessible instantly to all users.

Benefits of Two-Way Radios for Schools:

  • Staff can Immediately be reached anywhere on Campus

  • Security can be Alerted to attend any Dangers

  • Sharing Critical First-Hand Information

  • Unsafe Situations are Resolved Quicker

  • Two-Way Radio Systems are available in case of any Unpredictable Situation (poor weather conditions, power cut, safety threats, etc.)

  • School Radio Systems can be directly connected to Emergency Services to Guarantee Higher Safety Precautions

​​We understand that Educational Institutions are often working with Low Budgets, and that’s why we always offer to supply the most Reliable and Cost Effective Solution. Depending on the school’s size we firstly need to decide whether to go for Licenced or Licence Free Models.


Our Two-Way Radio Equipment conform to relevant MIL-Standards for Ruggedness and Durability and are IP Water & Dust Intrusion rated, making them equally ideal for Operation in all Indoor and Outdoor Environments.

Two-Way Radio Systems and Networks provide an Ideal Cost Effective Solution to on and off Campus Radio Communications; providing Instant Communication in Voice and Text between Departmental and Functional teams to ensure the Safety, Security and Efficient Management of Schools, Colleges and Universities and are widely used in the Education Sector around the orld.


By choosing to invest in a Two-Way Radio System for your Educational Institution, you are ensuring that the whole site and every member within it is covered by the highest safety standard possible, as the system provides the reliability, proves its value and gives you the peace of mind your teachers and students deserve.

Every Education Establishment, whether a School, College or University, owes its Students, Staff and Visitors a duty of care while they are on campus and offsite on organized trips.

Within the perimeter of a School or Higher Education Campus, threats to safety and security can include injuries from accidents, from natural disasters such as flooding, storms and earth movement or from malicious acts including vandalism, theft, arson, bullying and personal assault. The ability to report threats and incidents quickly and efficiently is essential in managing risks, containing situations and implementing Emergency plans.

When you need to Communicate quickly and easily with all school personnel, the best way is over Two-Way Radio. With the touch of a button, you securely link multiple teams across the district. Our next generation solutions ensure staff can respond rapidly and work efficiently wherever they go. With durable devices and school-specific systems, you’ll have technology that connects directly to your needs.

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