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Radio Features:
- 16 Channels
- 2 Programmable Buttons 
- 700mW Internal Speaker 
- Emergency Alert 
- Lone Worker Alert
- Multi-Mode Scanning 
- Internal VOX 
- ARTS TM (Auto-Range Transpond System) 
Analog Features: 
- MDC1200 ANI Encode 
- 2-Tone Encode and Decode 
- 5-Tone Encode and Decode 
- Remote Stun/Kill/Revive (5-Tone) 
- CTCSS/DCS Encode and Decode

Digital Features: 
- All Call/Group Call /Individual Call 
- Transmit Interrupt (Decode Only) 
- Dual Capacity Direct Mode 
- Basic Privacy

Recommended Accessories: 
Speaker Microphones 
MH-360S Compact Speaker Microphone w/3.5mm Audio Jack 
MH-450S Standard Speaker Microphone w/3.5mm Audio Jack 
MH-66A4B Noise Cancelling Speaker Microphone w/3.5mm Audio Jack 
Headsets and Surveillance 
MH-37A4B-1 Earpiece Mic, Light Duty 
VH-150A VOX capable lightweight headset, BTH 
VH-150B VOX capable lightweight headset, OTH
MH100 Rx only Earpiece, 3.5mm 
MH-101A4B Single Wire Surveillance Kit 
MH-102A4B Two-Wire Surveillance Kit 
MH-103A4B Three-Wire Surveillance Kit 
MH-201A4B Heavy Duty Headset 
Multi-Unit Charger 
VAC-6058 MUC Charger

Motorola EVX-261

  • FNB-V133LI -UNI 1380 mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • VAC-UNI Rapid Charger (Components: CD-58 & PA-55) Clip-20 Belt Clip
  • Antenna Selection
  • Standard 3 Year Warranty
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