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Equipment Repairs

When radios malfunction it can mean a loss in productivity. We stock hundreds of parts to quickly repair your radio back to peak condition. Our highly-skilled and certified technicians will assess and repair your equipment faster than anyone else.

Our Repair Process Is Simple

1) Complete Repair Form

Complete this form with a description of your radio problems and include it when sending us your equipment. include for for each radio.


2) Ship Your Equipment

Send your equipment and the repair form to:

Communication Specialist Contracting, Inc

800 Kings Way, Wake Village


3) Equipment Repaired

Once we receive your equipment our repair technicians will repair your radio and ship it back to you with a 90 day repair warranty.

If you have any questions about the process please call us and we can help you along the way.

Non-Repairable Equipment

If you send us a radio that is not repairable because of major board damage such as physical abuse or liquid damage your radio will be flagged as not repairable. If your radio is not repairable you have the option to either pay the estimate fee or to purchase a new radio. If you choose to purchase a new radio the estimate fee is waived.

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